It all started in 2008 when John sent me an email containing an idea for a web series about a punk band. For the next year or so we spent every Thursday night ($3 pint night at the local pub) and probably too much of our work day talking about and writing the original screenplays for the series. When we finally had what we felt was worthy of producing, we pooled together some money ($10K each) and founded Undeceased Productions, LLC.

Neither of us had every done cinematography, audio recording, or anything even closely related to video production. But, why would we let that stop us.

We researched and bought equipment, props, and set about finding actors. The latter of which turned out to be the most difficult part. Who would have thought that actors wouldn’t show up for a paying gig. Or, would show up, then disappear before the start of the first scene. After about a year of starts and stops, fits and tantrums, just plain old disappointment, we decided to throw in the proverbial towel on producing the web series ourselves.

It sucked. Period.

We may not have been pursuing our original idea, but that didn’t mean the creative partnership stopped. We wrote and published a book of fiction, “The Trials of Jack Kemper”. Available in both kindle and paperback formats on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Trials-Jack-Kemper-Liberty-Episode-ebook/dp/B072Q1BJK7

Over the years, even with the dozens of ideas that litter our notes and conversations, the original characters and story for our web series were never out of our minds. The original scripts have been written and re-written, characters matured and refined, plot lines built and scrapped, leading up to now.

It’s time to bring back a little of that punk rock mentality. There are no safe spaces here. YOU WILL BE TRIGGERED! Sit back and get ready to be offended. Burnt ‘n Turnt has arrived.

Joseph Pugh

I’m a mostly self-taught artist, entirely untrained writer, and passionate Adventure Motorcyclist….hell, just adventurer. Ever since John and I started writing on this idea back in 2008, the images of our characters and the story they lived in filled my mind. So much so that I was compelled to start drawing them. From simple one shot scenes, to the pages that now make up the content of this web comic. I hope you enjoy Burnt ‘n Turnt.

John Blahut

I smoke way too much weed. There. I said it. Burnt ‘n Turnt is what happens when a sarcastic punk gets frustrated with a hypersensitive culture. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s meant to be obnoxious and impolite. Or as we called it in the 80’s. CRASS.