Burnt ‘n Turnt

An infectiously unapologetic punk band develops a cult following after a chance encounter with zombies from outer space!

The Style

burnt ‘n turnt  is a comically funny and bold half-hour single-camera comedy that uses a satirical tone to play with various supernatural and drug pop culture tropes.

The Series

Comps would be – Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Ash vs Evil Dead

In this world the supernatural exists and aliens have not only visited the Earth, but tried to conquer it 70 years earlier.

The key elements in play that make the series unique and comical also allow for provocative satire through the “respect nobody” punk mentality.

  • Smoking weed brings on the munchies!  “He’s gone zombie!” – Not only a great candidate for meme’s, but also a clear trigger for their hunger for brains.  
  • The zombie is a distinct creature.  If their eyes glow red – it’s the undead
  • As well as being outrageous, the characters can elicit sympathy as they’re clearly the victims of an alien virus.  Eating of brains has become a necessary evil.
  • Selective Dieting – It will be discovered that the black goo filling their veins can be mixed with weed to dispense a little bit of zombie into the smoker.  Astro Zombies don’t eat their own.

This series has also been built on the history of punk music.  While technically a satire, it’s also an homage to the crazy make believe that is punk. 

  • Mal and Vicky are a parody of the duo that created the Sex Pistols; Malcom Maclaren and Vivian Westwood.
  • Episodes will correlate to classic punk songs – “Stealing Peoples Mail” a song by Dead Kennedy’s – Also the title and plot for Episode 4.

Some people find it hard to define punk.  Some might even think that defining punk, much like defining God, is a sin.  Fuck those people.  Punk is built on three pillars: Anger, Apathy and Fear  – meet TOAD, RIGO and SQUINTS

The Characters


A tatted up, liberty spike wearing punk bitch.  She doesn’t care why she’s angry.  She only knows that she is.  Toad is very direct.  She’d just as soon kick you as fuck you and she would do either if you’d ask.  She knows a few chords on the guitar and likes to yell at the audience. 


He doesn’t care if Toad or anyone else is angry. He really only cares about smoking weed and playing music. He’s a little bit Tommy Chong and a little bit Sid Vicious.  Rigo could be a good kid if not for all the drugs, sex and general chaos. He’s your prototypical tall lanky bass player.  He loves nothing more than the dulcet tone his bass makes as it meets the head of an over rambunctious fan. 


He’s by no means a coward.  He’ll kick anyone in the face, but he thinks everyone is out to take advantage of him.  He’s big on conspiracy theories and when faced with insurmountable evidence finds plausible explanations to justify his beliefs. He likes to think that he’s a deep thinker.  He keeps a good beat on his kit and feels that Rigo’s apathetic bass lines coupled with Toad’s angry riffs make for a good punk sound.

The Story


Our story begins with the Martian invasion of 1950 when Mal, the mad Martian scientist, sent his army of zombie soldiers to destroy humanity.  The Martians were defeated and memorials were built, but little did they know that one Martian ship had only been delayed. 


While on their way to a show, “The Band” finds itself parked on the side of a dark Ozark highway just south of the Martian War Memorial in southern Missouri.  

Ted, the singer, has supplied the group with a bunch of mushrooms in preparation for that night’s show.  And as they sit on the side of the road, waiting for the shrooms to kick in and for Ted to relieve himself, the long delayed Martian ship arrives.  It lands just over a nearby hill…

The group decides to chase down the shiny object as Squints tries to convince Toad that aliens and UFO’s are all a CIA mind control operation.  

Rigo and Ted find the UFO and Its open door is too great a temptation for Ted.  He sneaks on board the empty ship. The others, however, are not so lucky.


Mal’s zombie minions viciously attack.

The group goes into survival mode and unleashes a barrage of boots and guitars! They manage to kill their attackers with a little help from Squint’s spirit animal.

Meanwhile, they’re pretty sure Ted flew off in the Martian ship.  (don’t worry he’ll be back!)     


The zombie invaders leave them wounded and infected with an alien virus, but the group can’t even be sure that any of these events are real.  It could be the drugs.  It could be the CIA!

After 70 years in space, the alien virus is only a weak remnant of what it used to be. It doesn’t have the strength to kill them.  It can’t even take their conscious minds.  It’s only when they’re high and get the munchies that their brain is weak enough for the virus to take over. 

Their eyes glow red.   Their teeth grow long and fang like.   Exclamations of, “He’s gone zombie!” are heard.  

The zombie attacks the first person it sees.  It has only one directive.  Kill man by eating their brains.     

The Trio decides that a new line up requires a new name.  They go with “The Turnts” and the world will never be the same! 

Supporting Characters


Front man for the original incarnation of “THE BAND”.  He has the looks.  He’s the bad boy in leather with jet black hair, thick eyeliner and the sculpted features of a person that prefers getting off over eating.


Vicky West is a behavioral specialist and investigator for the FBI.  She will pursue The Astro Zombies as they continue to tour and eat their way to infamy.  She will eventually become their tour manager.


A mad martian scientist hell bent on destroying humanity.

All inquiries to kalengar@posteo.net

All artwork by Joseph Pugh – joe@josephpugh.com