The Trials of Jack Kemper

The Trials of Jack Kemper is an action packed post-apocalyptic comedy adventure that strives to show that a good friend and a stiff drink are all one really needs to survive any situation.

Join Jack Kemper and his faithful drinking companions as their boring, hopeless lives on Bravo Colony get upended and they are thrown into an adventure that will forever change them.

It’s the year 2155 and civilization as we know it no longer exists. Disease, famine and pollution have done away with all of the great states that once ruled the world. Left in their place is a world ravaged by warlords, pirates, cannibals and slavers. 

The tale begins on Bravo Colony, a failing space colony that hasn’t received support from Earth in over a decade. If there was any civilization to return to on Earth, Jack and the other colonists would happily return to it. He and his companions were quite content to go on drinking, screwing and having a good time until the colony’s ultimate collapse, however, a rival colony had different plans. Running out of supplies and room for their ever growing population the aggressors take over Bravo Colony and begin exterminating its population. Jack and his companions couldn’t allow that to happen.

Surviving the attack on Bravo Colony the colonists are forced to evacuate and return to planet Earth. Landing in Tasmania, Jack and his companions drink and shoot their way through chemical storms, mutant cannibal hunters and crazy pirates. 

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